Maintenance Of Cone Crusher

How to maintain the cone crusher

  • Ensure that hydraulic oil and hydraulic cylinders are clean and free of pollution
  • The amount of oil remains within the range specified by the oil standard
  • Regularly check the quality of the hydraulic oil. In order to ensure the high working efficiency of the filter, when the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the filter reaches 138 kPa, the filter element must be replaced.
  • The cone crusher can only be started after the lubrication system is running and the lubricant is returned to the reservoir.
  • Whether in winter or summer, the cone crusher should be operated to raise the temperature of the oil. The return temperature must be between 39 °C and 54 °C. The cooling system will keep the oil temperature within the safe operating range. Therefore, it cannot be mixed with other different grades of hydraulic oil, and a suitable type of lubricant must be used to ensure the good operation of the crusher;
  • Pay attention to the water in the cooler when parking in winter

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