Impact Crusher Fault Treatment

Abnormal vibration

  • the material is too big, can check the feed size;
  • the uneven wear, indicating that the counterattack hammer need to be replaced;
  • The rotor is unbalance and needs to be adjusted.
  • If the foundation is not handled properly, the anchor bolts should be checked and strengthened.

bearing fever

  • indicating that the bearing is short of oil, need to refuel in time; overrefueling will also make the bearing heat, when refueling must check the oil level;
  • bearing damage, to replace the bearing in time;
  • the upper cover is too tight, to adjust the bolt, loose and moderate appropriate.

the granularity is too big

  • the hammer wear, the need to adjust the head or replacement of the hammer.
  • the gap between the hammer head and the counterattack board is too large, and it is generally adjusted to 15-20mm.
  • the granularity of feed will also affect the grain size.

Belt flipping

  • belt wear, need to replace the triangle belt;
  • The problem of belt conveyer assembly needs to adjust the pulley on the same plane.
  • the quality of the triangular belt itself is not passed.

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